About us

Well what do I say? I am a wife and mother to three little girls who for the sake of the blog will be called:(Chicky bear 4yrs old, Lou Lou 2 1/2 yrs old and Meatball 1yr old).  My husband and I run the 3Princesses Engraving business. 

Why do I blog?
Well I wanted to be more interesting than just and item listing I guess.  I wanted to have a background or more about myself.  I'll be talking about the process of creating or things that I learn by selling online; which will hopefully help others too.  I'm not an expert or selling enough to support myself but one day I hope to be.  I hope to start featuring other people here as well, and tutorials.  But first I have to get the business inventory up!

I guess this will be about the for the lack of a better word, the journey of the business and raising a family.

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