Thursday, December 23, 2010

Computer apocalypse yada-yada awesome art

There are so many futuristic movies which computers destroy humanity.  If you are not familiar, we create computers become intelligent so intelligent in fact, they begin to see us as the enemy.  Then we become rivals in the quest for world domination ..yada-yada.. death and destruction.  So you ask yourself are computers capable of hate?   Well, before I get too existential on you.  I can answer definitively: Yes.  They hate. They really do.

I have been trying to add applications on my Facebook business page, widgets on my web page and blog, sign up for accounts and well it's not going that well.  Applications remain blank despite proper code, or add to my personal page, and activation keys that don't work.  Not to mention, my laptop decides to start up and shutdown in an endless loop for no reason at all ..without any provocation. 

I'm fairly proficient with computers so the only rational explanation is that it is the first sign of the evil computer apocalypse that will destroy humanity ..well I guess until John Conner saves us.  And I'm sure if my computer could smile at me while causing me this anguish it would look exactly like this.  Is it time for the tinfoil hat? You might ask.  Well, maybe LOL.

Well until the apocalypse happens they still are capable of doing great work for us.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The princess and the pea

I was going to include this in with the other post but how can I?

My daughters are all wonderful and so different.  My eldest is very quiet, eager to learn and obsessed with anything and everything PINK! My middle child is not so girly couldn't be anymore different (we call her Lou lou).  Lou lou loves cars, she's loud and wants to play rough (jumping, tumbling etc).  She's very tiny for her age which makes it all the more funny maybe she is making up for her tiny frame.   Last night at dinner my husband asked how everyone’s day was ..our eldest started talking about her pretty shirt that she put on, flowery picture she drew and other things.(so cute kinda like a teenager hand motions in all).  My husband then turns asks Lou lou.  Just as he is asking how her day was she shoots a pea out of her nose with such force it flies across the room and hits him LOL.  She's absolutely brimming ear to ear because that was quite and achievement! She's  2 so I just had to suppress my laughter and tell her that it was not appropriate for the dinner table.   So in our family we have the baby, one princess.. and one pea.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

As promised ...

I am so tired my eyes are burning LOL.  Nothing a whole lot of caffeine can't fix.    I'm working on things for the business so I don't care if I'm tired I still love it :)

We've been working really hard to create new work but also showcase our work better.  Photographs are everything.   I remember reading somewhere that the average person looks for ten seconds at a online store and that's all you have to make a first impression.  If something doesn't catch their eye they move on.  I'm self admittedly an A type personality and obsessive.  I try very hard to be the best I can be at everything I put my mind too.  That being said I lack the talent for photography no matter how hard I try.  Oh well...  I guess with painstaking practice I'll get better.

Our views are a bit down on  our website.  I think it might due in part to the fact that we need more product on Etsy.  Must stop obsessing with the pictures...LOL.  We were thinking of doing signs and maybe doing more with acrylic.   When we first started with acrylic we made the mistake of getting 1/16 thickness instead of 1/8 or 1/4.  1/16 is not so nice to work with. We now have some 1/8 and 1/4 in stock and it is so much fun!  The machine cuts through it like butter and the finished product is so nice :)  I'd show you what I cut so far but it's tied to a custom order it's a suprise.  I'll show you when it's done :)

I did make a promise to share other links to help get noticed or help generally.  Here they are: - promote your business, gather friends - blog your new finds etc - place to put your pictures, network - post your product, network - see your stats - another selling site, network  - coupon codes - find info on your business on etsy find stats on your business - put your pictures in with your business name - put your info in, find other articles - eco friendly selling site - set up a profile, map locator - photo gallery can link to google

Hope these links help :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

In the spirit of Christmas, which is all about sharing and giving.. I'm going to tell everything I know so far about having a business and Etsy.  I'll say I'm new to the game and I don't have any formal training but I'll tell you anyways.  Just warning you for what it's worth ..hahaha!

There is a debate on whether to promote or create.  Meaning is it better to open a well finished store with lost of merchandise with little promotion or a smaller store with lots of promotion.  And from what I've learned it is neither ..or both LOL.  Let me explain.  You can't promote without having a well filled store but you need to get your name out there (it's hard to let your business grow by word of mouth if customers are few and far between).  So my advice would be to attack from both angles.  

I create and network.  I figure doing both helps the other.  Just like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree your store needs a little love. Some argue that businesses used to thrive without this type of networking but communities were much smaller and closer knit.  It's a new age where people can have friends all over the world it's a global community and the link is technology.  So here's some helpful links specific to Etsy.  How to get your store in tip-top shape and promotion. 

Here are Esty links:

What's new January:
This links helps with tagging and promotion.  Heads up for January:

Tagging tips on Etsy

Fee calculator/your prices links

Selling tips/Pay it forward posts

Apps for Etsy

Tips for item descriptions

Web analytics

Coupon code links

Next post,  will be all the links I know outside of Etsy to help get your name and product out there. Cheers!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Wall Art, etc

Okay so here is the new wall art I created - yay!  Connecting, shaping and deleting nodes in Corel draw is painstaking LOL.  It took me several hours to do but it one solid piece no glue just removing material to create the butterflies.  I love the completed project.  It's 14 inches tall so it's pretty big.  I have another one with a backing too (pictured below). 

Tys has been working with granite and his results have been great too.  I'll post soon :) 

I've been muddling my way through technology LOL.  In regards to graphics, I'm not professional but considered myself to be pretty good and I can manage pretty well in most other programs. Well, I though that this would translate to social networking sites.  I can't tell you how wrong I was.  I set up a facebook account to find out later there is one made specifically for businesses -d'oh.  I now have to ask everyone to move to the business page. Not to mention the time spent banging my head against a wall trying to paste html,  XFBML, Iframe,.. etc. to website or other networking things.  I'm not even sure what the last two are LOL.

I find a lot of time I think about things that I tell my children about patience, not giving up. You might recognize this one -"don't stop, don't give up" - Yo Gabba Gabba. It's been running through my head (I think I need to talk to adults more LOL).  I find it's kind of funny that I ask my children to have patience that I find I sometimes lack (I just spent my whole evening working on a project that I lost, or broke - whaaa, sob!).   

I've been getting advice from other sellers on Etsy.  I've really been blown away with the talent and community on that site.  Hopefully soon I'll get the technology connected and up and running smoothly enough to start featuring other peoples work too.  Pay it forward for all the help I've been getting :)    Cheers!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Put one foot in front of the other

First, I'll tell a little about myself and then, the business.  I am a SAHM/WAHM mother to three little girls who are just the best part of my day ..well most of the time LOL. If you are a parent you'll understand what I mean ;)  My husband and I started the engraving business and named it after our girls:  3Princesses Engraving.  There was a lot of things that I wanted to create for them that I couldn't find or that I would need a professional grade machine to create.  And well, for my husband the appeal of lasers, woodworking and creating geekery was what got him inspired.

I just wanted to start out and get something written.  I kind of have this song in my head hence the title "put one foot in front of the other".  I think it is the Christmas TV special "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." but who knows it was a wiki answer LOL.  It seems that navigating a new business is a tricky feat.  I figure if I keep on putting one foot forward I'll eventually get the business going. I read articles, get advice from others but everyone seems to have a different perspective or ways to get noticed.   I figure I'll do what I can handle in terms of the social networking part .. I think facebook and blogging.  (I've never really got involved in those sites mainly because I'm rather shy and never had anything of interest to report LOL)

I was hoping that a good product would speak for itself but I have become afraid that word of mouth might take a little time.  And how do I get to prove my product is good if no one knows the business exists?  So here I am blogging about the business.   I really enjoy creating and I guess have something of interest to say!

I guess the new news is that we finally got the website up; and the two stores on Etsy: and Ebay:   I would love to get any feedback anyone might have.  I'm off to create some wall art - Cheers!