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Okay, I've been away.  I've learned that I'm not the greatest blogger.  Bad, bad blogger. But I think I am doing okay as an Etsy seller!  But business is really picking up :)  So although I haven't written in awhile, I've been learning a whole lot.  And I'm going to share what I've learned.  Now in business there is no magic formula what works for everyone some use Facebook, blogging etc, for social networking that might not work well for others. You have to learn how to spend you time, learn what works for you.  I must admit I haven't found the magic formula that works for me but I have learned some universal truths for Etsy that I will share:

"Pictures: perfection is key" Now I know I hate reading manuals.  But I love to play with my settings by doing this I have learned how to take pretty good photos.  Not professional but pretty darn good beginner work.  I suggest learn however you do best (manuals or playing) but try to take good pictures.  And don't be afraid to lighten, tweak via photoshop.  People click on good product photography possible sale and blogs love good photography too that can mean promotion.  Now, you might be thinking yeah, what the heck are basing this on? But a lot of my new found success is due to blogs, lists, pintrest, facebook etc.  Good product + pictures = success.

These in turn were tweeted, shared.  This helps. A lot.  There is a saying a picture is worth a thousand words.  I would say that on online selling a picture is worth a lot more.

"Learn to dance in the rain" Everyone makes mistakes, has bad things happen. This is universal to everyone. In business it is no different: underestimated shipping costs, lost parcel etc. Not everything will go your way in business, but it's how you deal with the "rainy" days that is the art of business.  Professionalism, kindness and learning from your mistakes goes a long way. 

"Don't compare yourself to others" It can be discouraging to see other sellers who have started later than you with many sales, FB likes etc. But you can't compare. You are on your own journey. You have different lives, ability to work on your store, whatever. Every day just know that you did the best that you can and give yourself credit.

"Baby steps" It takes time to grow your business, find your niche and your audience. To quote field of dreams: "If you build it they will come"..it just takes time.  Think of your business as a snowball rolling down a hill.  At first, it is a tiny ball that needs constant attention and pushing to gain momentum, eventually the ball starts rolling and the farther it goes down the hill the faster and larger it gets.  This is like your like your store.  It takes time at first to build momentum but after a while the ball is rolling.   There is a "10,000 hour rule" coined by Malcolm Gladwell Outliers: The Story of Success, that to become an expert that you need to practice at a skill enough times until it seems perfect to you. It can be done you just need to put in the time.

"Never stop learning" It's competitive world. And you need to have your "A game" all the time. For selling online you need to know your venue.  Learn about changes, how to improve your store, SEO, Social networking etc. You are never done. Your store needs improvement, listings, new product, promotion every day. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be all the time. Sounds exhausting, but necessary.  If you keep working, it can be fun as you see yourself improve over time.  You can watch your business grow.  There is a lot to know and apply but it is worth it.


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