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Some interesting business news I got selected to participate in a to contribute to "The life of an item" section of the Labrats blog!   If you are not familiar, the Lab rats team is an Etsy team dedicated to participating in Etsy labs (which are live interactive meetings to discuss all things Etsy).  It's a great team. The labs are really helpful, especially if you are new or need help with navigating Etsy, or if you are needing help with your shop they hold critiques too.  You might not get picked for the critique but you can tune in and learn from others.  I like it because it is another way to connect with people.  Now back to the life of an item,  I get to pick an item in my shop and discuss the inspiration, as well as the steps taken to create the item.  Woot!  I'll post a link to the feature when it comes out!  I'm not sure what to pick out of my store though.... 

On the topic of inspiration, I read a post once on Etsy where the poster asked people how or where they get their inspiration from when they are in a creative slump.  A few people responded with their ideas are from nature and to go for a nature walk, etc.  I must say, I have never had that problem.  My mind is full of ideas running at speeds that my physical body I can't catch up too. This is mostly due to lack of time I have to work on creative projects and also design work can actually take a awhile.  In the future I plan to make mobiles, expand the toys, jewelry boxes, puzzles, puzzle boxes, doll house furniture and dolls, expand the wall art, personalized board games, personalized wall hangings (with feet and hand prints)..  so many ideas!   I'll get there it just might take a little longer LOL.

On a personal note, I just watched the movie Despicable Me with the family.  I don't know why I didn't watch it when it came out but I must say, I really enjoyed the movie.  Now, much of the reason is because of the similarity to my girls.   The resemblance to my three girls is uncanny.   Really.  They even got the de-masculation of the dog.  The writers must have had girls.  On the right is Chewie our Pug/Chihuahua mix, and thanks to the girls.. he's a pretty boy LOL.

Now I wasn't the only person who noticed this.  My eldest (Chicky bear) who I'll  recently turned 4, even noticed it herself.  She pointed at the T.V. and said "that's me!"  My eldest is the intellectual, wants to be adult and likes to be the helper.   Then there is Lou Lou all about mayhem, tomboy and loves to wear hats. In the picture below she is wearing a pink bow I can tell you it lasted a minute.   My girls are a bit younger than the girls in the movie, but I've seen the future and it looks like this:

Here are the 3 princesses:

And if you are entering the blog now and wondering why 3Princesses Engraving, my husband and I named the business after our three girls.


  1. You have such a sweet blog and your kiddos are darling. God Bless You and Yours!

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  8. Your kids are so cute! I would love to have 3 little girls one day. I loved growing up with a sister and always wished I had more. Your girls are very lucky to have each other.


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