The princess and the pea

I was going to include this in with the other post but how can I?

My daughters are all wonderful and so different.  My eldest is very quiet, eager to learn and obsessed with anything and everything PINK! My middle child is not so girly couldn't be anymore different (we call her Lou lou).  Lou lou loves cars, she's loud and wants to play rough (jumping, tumbling etc).  She's very tiny for her age which makes it all the more funny maybe she is making up for her tiny frame.   Last night at dinner my husband asked how everyone’s day was ..our eldest started talking about her pretty shirt that she put on, flowery picture she drew and other things.(so cute kinda like a teenager hand motions in all).  My husband then turns asks Lou lou.  Just as he is asking how her day was she shoots a pea out of her nose with such force it flies across the room and hits him LOL.  She's absolutely brimming ear to ear because that was quite and achievement! She's  2 so I just had to suppress my laughter and tell her that it was not appropriate for the dinner table.   So in our family we have the baby, one princess.. and one pea.


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