Computer apocalypse yada-yada awesome art

There are so many futuristic movies which computers destroy humanity.  If you are not familiar, we create computers become intelligent, so intelligent in fact, they begin to see us as the enemy.  Then we become rivals in the quest for world domination ..yada-yada.. death and destruction.  So you ask yourself are computers capable of hate?   Well, before I get too existential on you.  I can answer definitively: Yes.  They hate. They really do.

I have been trying to add applications on my Facebook business page, widgets on my web page and blog, sign up for accounts and well it's not going that well.  Applications remain blank despite proper code, or add to my personal page, and activation keys that don't work.  Not to mention, my laptop decides to start up and shutdown in an endless loop for no reason at all ..without any provocation. 

I'm fairly proficient with computers so the only rational explanation is that it is the first sign of the evil computer apocalypse that will destroy humanity ..well I guess until John Conner saves us.  And I'm sure if my computer could smile at me while causing me this anguish it would.  Is it time for the tinfoil hat? You might ask.  Well, maybe LOL.


  1. very neat, good luck! I shared this on my facebook as I know a ton of gamers who might just be interested in something like this.

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