Here at 3Princesses Engraving we've developed a new laser engraving technique we call "LazrInk'd" (pronounced, "laser inked"). Basically we take a digital image and engrave it onto a specially prepared surface, with the end result looking more like a pencil or pen & ink sketch than a burned-in engraving. Since we prepare the material ourselves we can make it any size we want (up to 12"x24"), and it costs much less than the equivalent size engraving in marble, acrylic or wood. As an added bonus, the material is only 1/8" thick so you can frame it and hang it on your wall!

So you're up late one night playing Halo online and you happen to smoke one (or more!) of your friends in a particularly spectacular sandwich of the Ultra-Violence. Gloating is fine for the moment, but you can make that precious pwnage last forever by immortalizing it on your wall in a one by two FOOT monument of GLORY!

All we need from you is a high-quality screenshot that you can email to us. It can be from any game, so long as it's not too compressed or pixellated. The bigger and better the original image is, the better the final product.

Please convo us if you have any questions!

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