Sunday, April 10, 2011

As promised

I said that I would share my secrets.  Or I should say what I've learned through my several months selling, researching and talking with my Etsy peers and other awesome people on the interweb. 

And one of my favourite shows I'm going to do a little myth busting:

Myth 1-There is a secret to success

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this: "don't pay for advice under the guise that there is a secret".  Why?  There are a lot of people that say they know how to make your business a success.  People make business out of selling secrets and will make claims like they know how to make tons of sales.  Every Etsy sellers dream right?  Right, but ...well sad news folks but it's not that easy.  People will tell you your dreams can come true because you want it so bad that that logical part of your brain shuts down and believes. There must be a secret..right?  Don't buy into it.  " first secret there are no real secrets!"   There is tons of information out there.  A lot of people tell their secrets and that is why there are no secrets!  There is no information that that those moguls can tell you that isn't already out there that other successful people giveaway for free.  Now you can by books, but they aren't going to make  you an instant sucess.  It's just now you don't have to research as much, a bit of a time saver really.
Good news, a lot of people tell their secrets.   On Etsy: there is business topics, Etsy success, critique forums, blogs, other Etsy sellers among tons of other off site groups, forums and blogs.  What makes Etsy awesome is that sellers readily give out great advice and if you have a questions you can post and other people will try and help.  Also there is a ton of information offsite too.   People want to be interesting (to get traffic and blog followings) but also want to give back.  There are a lot of people who pour their heart and souls as well as hard earned cash into their business.  And as a fellow Etsian you want to help because you understand the trials and challenges.  So if you want help on selling on Etsy, look to Etsy.  There is a real community there people that are successful share tips on everything, tons of articles made by Etsians to help out. There are also non Etsians that post tips too.  Life is hard but anything worthwhile is worth fighting for.  This leads perfectly to the next myth.

Myth 2- If I'm not selling now I'm never going to get it

I can't tell you how many times people have written in the forums some variation of "why aren't I selling?".   The first problem is managing expectations.  There are a few businesses that get instant success but most people have to work hard for months or years before they can achieve their goals.   You have to attack your business from several angle all at once all the time. 

You need great:
- Product
- Pictures
- Policies
- Customer service
- SEO (tags, announcement, etc)
- Promotions (twitter, blog etc)
- New product, designs

I'm going to give some great links to help: (note there has been a change in the searchablitiy of titles more terms the better)

Honestly the list goes on and on.   There is wonderful advice links out there.  You need to keep on challenging yourself and improving.  I truly believe that success will come you just need to challenge yourself. 

Myth 3 - I've done everything I can.

You are never done learning, challenging and trying new things.    Improving.   And if you are thinking well ..she's all talk. 

Here is one of the first product shots I had in my shop:

Here's my new photos:

My husband and I could not have gotten to where we are now unless we had the courage to take the first step.  And I have many more steps to go and it will be a lot of work but worth it in the end.   I hope this helped push others to take more steps too.  

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  1. Great encouraging words. Thanks for sharing this. I am visiting from the You Like Me Friday hop. I hope you have a great Easter weekend!

    Long Wait For Isabella