Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentines Day approaches

Valentines is well and alive on Etsy.  The Treasury lists are full of treasuries created with red hearts, love theme and gifts for him an gifts for her.  I love, love but I also love creativity, color and mood that are created with the treasuries.  I just find sometimes the treasuries plastered with red hearts lack creative spunk.   I guess maybe it because I am not fond of Valentines day.    Here's one I made with a lame joke attached for you enjoyment.

'Orange you glad I didn't say Valentines Day' by 3princessesengraving

Knock Knock .. Who's there? Valentine's day treasury.      Knock knock.  Who's there?  Orange Orange... you glad I didn't say Valentines day! Lame joke ..LOL. Here's some beautiful orange to brighten your day!


Lotus... 10 inch Bowl.....

Original Abstract Art M...

Orangsicle Teal Thank Y...

vintage purse- 1950'...

golden fish

Orange Soda Can Flower ...

Italian Brilliant Red-O...

Stylish orange vintage ...

Handspun super bulky ya...

Fire Link Lazy Susan

Twisty Earings with Gol...

Large Open Edition Fine...

Real Orange ROSE and Ca...

1970s Vintage Orange Sl...

Nemadji Pottery Vase

Of all the holidays I must say valentines seems the most contrived to me.  Plus, the mushy gushy just makes me gag.  PDA and public mushy talk - yuck!   Why? I'm not sure.   It's just not in my nature or maybe it's my black heart

Maybe it's because I feel like I'm being told what to do.   On this day, you must exchange gifts, cards, stand in line waiting for a dinner table because if you don't, you obliviously don't love each other.

It could be that it seems to makes the other things we do for each other seem less important.   My husband helps out a lot with the girls,  understands when I've had a frantic day; and on the weekends will sometimes make dinner, or will pitch in with the housework.. etc.   Which I appreciate more than any card, flowers or dinner could do.  And maybe that's it.  I think kids helped put things that are really important into perspective.

Don't get me wrong, we're married we are both very stubborn people we fight, we even fight over silly things..(going back to a older post) - quit sawing the table!.  We play silly games.  We stack the clean dishes in the rack waiting for the first person to give in and put them away or more fun wait until someone tries to wiggle something from the dish rack waiting until they topel over and say "Jenga!".  Another fun game is on the weekends we sometimes play "rock, paper, scissors" for who needs to change the baby (Tys doesn't like to play that one as much because I win more than I lose).

I do get that sometimes we need Valentines day to appreciate our partner more.  And also celebrating things in life is important because you can take the gifts that life gives us for granted.  I love celebrating the girls birthdays, because we are celebrating when they came into our lives and I get to make them so happy by celebrating them.  Celebrating anniversaries are great too. It's our special day that is only special to us.    But in terms of Valentines day I think the mad hatter has it right ....instead of a very un-birthday I'm going to have a very un-valentines day.  Celebrate love 364 days of the year with just love and buy things when I'm inspired and see something he would like.

Happy un-Valentine's day! Love and happiness!

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