Tuesday, December 14, 2010

As promised ...

I am so tired my eyes are burning LOL.  Nothing a whole lot of caffeine can't fix.    I'm working on things for the business so I don't care if I'm tired I still love it :)

We've been working really hard to create new work but also showcase our work better.  Photographs are everything.   I remember reading somewhere that the average person looks for ten seconds at a online store and that's all you have to make a first impression.  If something doesn't catch their eye they move on.  I'm self admittedly an A type personality and obsessive.  I try very hard to be the best I can be at everything I put my mind too.  That being said I lack the talent for photography no matter how hard I try.  Oh well...  I guess with painstaking practice I'll get better.

Our views are a bit down on  our website.  I think it might due in part to the fact that we need more product on Etsy.  Must stop obsessing with the pictures...LOL.  We were thinking of doing signs and maybe doing more with acrylic.   When we first started with acrylic we made the mistake of getting 1/16 thickness instead of 1/8 or 1/4.  1/16 is not so nice to work with. We now have some 1/8 and 1/4 in stock and it is so much fun!  The machine cuts through it like butter and the finished product is so nice :)  I'd show you what I cut so far but it's tied to a custom order ..so it's a suprise.  I'll show you when it's done :)

I did make a promise to share other links to help get noticed or help generally.  Here they are:

www.facebook.com - promote your business, gather friends
www.twitter.com - blog your new finds etc
www.deviantart.com - place to put your pictures, network
www.craftjuice.com - post your product, network
www.statsy.org - see your stats
www.artfire.com - another selling site, network 
www.retailmenot.com  - coupon codes 
www.craftcult.com - find info on your business on etsy
www.craftopolis.com find stats on your business
www.photobucket.com - put your pictures in with your business name
www.stumbleupon.com - put your info in, find other articles
www.cosaverde.com/ - eco friendly selling site
www.google.com - set up a profile, map locator
www.picasa.com - photo gallery can link to google

Hope these links help :)

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